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Parish Plan Questionnaire

During the past summer we circulated a questionnaire to you so that we could begin the process of preparing a list of actions for our Parish Plan. 31 out of 100 households in the Parish returned completed questionnaires.

Thanks to all of you who did respond. It really was a good return Ė but itís not too late if you would still like to participate. Just contact one of the Parish Councillors to return your questionnaire or ask for a copy.

The winning number was 40 and the £50 prize hasnít been claimed, so if you have the winning number, please contact your local Councillor.

We shall be working with a Steering Group to draft the basics of an action plan based on your views and will arrange an event in February so you can make your contributions and maybe join a working group to look at one of the issues identified as priorities.


A copy of the full report has been posted here but if you would like a printed copy, please let us know.

Preliminary Results

The majority are satisfied with their relationship with other people in the parish (80%) and feel secure (93%).

Road safety (63%) and transport (84%) are issues that the majority are less than satisfied with

The overwhelming majority are satisfied with the parish as a place to live (89%)

There are a range of housing issues and we propose that a housing needs survey is undertaken to find out more details

Many expressed the need for housing for young people (86%), small family houses (85%), elderly (60%) and single (65%) people,

Affordable homes were mentioned in comments and Housing Association (52%) and low cost housing for outright sale (68%) were identified as accommodation needs together with housing for key workers (56%) and restricted sale to local young people (50%)

Transport provided the most common barrier to taking up employment, training and study

There is significant support for small business development in the parish (90%)

People feel very positive about the local shop, post office and medical centre and wish to encourage tourism


Gardening featured as the most popular Ďotherí activity for spare time alongside the listed activities of visiting friends, watching TV and walking/hiking. Ross-on-Wye, Hereford and Fownhope are the main centres traveled to for leisure activities


Organised use of the tennis court and a childrenís play area are among the facilities listed as desirable plus a pub.


There is interest in adult evening classes in arts and crafts, yoga, keep-fit, photography and tennis


People are not sure if there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme but would support there being one


Better communication between police and the community and tackling speeding traffic & the poor quality of the roads, were identified needs and almost half said they would like to be involved in the future development of the parish.


So what have we done so far?

Brockhampton village signs have been put up to identify the village and encourage drivers to drive more carefully and we are working with Herefordshire Council on a phased repair and upgrade of parish roads.


Now itís up to you to help us move things forward.


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