Brockhampton Cricket Club

A Brief  History

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In 1906 Arthur Foster presented blazers and caps to the club and in early years made up the small deficits referred to in 1913 as "an adverse balance"

There was no cricket during the war, but the club was re-formed shortly afterwards and Arthur Foster continued as President until his death in 1929. His wife took over the position until her death in 1932.

The Estate passed to their daughter Drucilla Madeline, newly married to Gerard Leigh (Peter) Clay, a keen cricketer, who became President and captained the team from 1937 to 1940. He was an impressive batsman and slow bowler. ( His brother J. C. Clay played county cricket for Glamorgan and test cricket for England). Once again cricket ceased during the war years.

During one match at Longhope's ground Gerard Clay hit a six into a passing coal train! Play resumed when a new ball was found. The original ball was eventually found when the train reached Gloucester station! He continued his interest in the club until his death in 1995.

The cricket ground is still owned by the Clay family and their son Jeremy is now President, continuing the family's keen interest in the club.

Arthur W Foster 1897

Brockhapmton's tree-fringed cricket ground, still known as "The Parks" is part of Brockhampton Estate bought in the late 19th Century by an American, Ebenezer Jordan, and given to his daughter Alice Madeline on her marriage to a Yorkshireman, Arthur Wellesley Foster. Arthur Foster had a keen interest in cricket, and was in the chair at a General meeting to form the Brockhampton Court Cricket Club in 1897.

Arthur Foster was elected President and Captain that first year, positions he held until just before the First World War. His wife took an interest in the club too: in 1900 she presented the Challenge Cup to the Club. She also provided refreshments during the club's first years, to both teams and visitors.

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