Village Artmarker Scheme

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Village Artmarkers aims to increase opportunities for people in rural areas to experience and participate in the arts, learn more about their heritage and finally for the resulting public artwork to provide a community focus.


Getting involved in the project offers people of all ages and abilities in eight Herefordshire villages the chance to explore their heritage through workshops and artist led creative activity. It also gives participants the chance to have their say about what they want their piece of artwork to be inspired by e.g. local stories, traditions, and architecture.  An accompanying leaflet which is available to everyone called Heritage All Around Us offers people more information to learn how to take the exploration of their heritage further, including how and where to look.


A heritage adviser and an artist lead the workshops. The heritage adviser leads the exploration and discussion of local heritage, through sharing memories, local stories, photographs and anything written about the land, people and architecture, from ancient to modern.  The artist facilitates the interpretation of people's feelings and ideas about their heritage via creative activity. The artists in each village will take the most important aspects of each parish heritage, as fed in by people in the workshops.

The artist will then produce a final design that takes into account which aspects of the community's heritage matter most to them. The final work produced could be temporary in nature or form a unique, permanent and durable public artwork within the village.                                       


Village Artmarkers has been initiated and managed by Cultural Services of Herefordshire Council with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, West Midlands and a contribution from each participating Parish Council


David Jones is the artist assigned to our project, chosen by the Parish Council.